Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mark Turner - Inca Kola Blog

We have followed Mr. Mark Turner's 'Inca Kola' Blog on and off for eons. Through this several conclusions can easily be drawn.

First off is Mr. Turner's immense ego and full-on inability to admit when he's seriously wrong. That is happening right now with a score of what are turning out to be dead shitty deals. Having a stupid large ego is a given for most bloggers. The difference with Mr. Turner is that he's personally stuck and that means his hyperbole increases to near pathetic levels to his readers. It's grossly offensive.
Specifically I refer to the nuclear waste/pure shit Red Eagle Mining (R.v) and the wholesale stakeholder larceny of Cordoba Minerals Corp. (CDB.v) The variety of wise sayings associated with penny stocks has extreme relevance here, for instance ... 'Never try to catch a falling knife'

Apparently Mr. Turner has never heard that one. One hopes very mightily his readers/suckers give a bit more credence to the stinkingly obvious than he does as he loses all his risk capital. Shame Mr. Turner, shame.

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