Monday, July 10, 2017

Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v - Utter and Pure Krappus

Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v is built upon a market-tested model and applied with a fresh approach by leading experts in the cannabis industry.
Naturally we wouldn't be wasting our semi-valuable time perusing the 'Inca Kola' blog of Mark Turner if he didn't spit out dirt worth reading every now and then. Case in point is the horrid, horrid chit known as Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v. What is our boyotard pointing out with clarity? How about the fact this new VSE listing detritus has an absolute krapload of dilution in the form of nickle free trading paper already from these fukheads.
1) On March 14th, CBW (Knightswood Financial Corp) closed a financing by selling 18,272,773 units at 5.5c each, raising gross proceeds of $1,005,003. One unit was one share plus a full warrant priced at 7c. That placement comes out of escrow tomorrow, July 10th.

2) Then on March 21st CBW closed a second tranche of the same placement run, sell 7,237,883 units at the same terms. This second tranche comes out of escrow on July 17th.

3) But then the twist came, as on March 24th these two-faced rip-off merchants ran a three-for-one forward split of company shares, which means every share and warrant they sold magically becomes three. Therefore in the next seven days, starting tomorrow Monday, 76,531,968 shares and 76,531,968 warrants (7c strike, now 2.33c) of CBW.v become free trading in a stock that’s been artificially held up and even after selling pressure last week closed at 87c. In other words, it’s payola time for the people at the centre of this scam.

Take a bow Marky. Reign in that stupidity on the deals you recommend and we can admit you ARE actually good for something every now and then.
As far as this wicked example of crooked arseholes ripping off dead stupid sheeple goes I don't claim to even understand WTF these dopes' business model actually is in the first place.

When that happens a body best take an instant hike. Truly, this newly minted VSE disgrace is a non-starter for anybody with any grey material whatever.

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