Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Richard A. Kelertas Revisited

Going through the old poop on this blog is a reminder of all manner of wicked K9ery. Mr. Kelertas pizzed us off mightily when he WAS an ANALyst with Dundee Capital Markets and fell over himself in the pure dopey defense of what turned out to be a major league scamola Sino-Forest Corporation. (TSX: TRE) Boyo eventually got fired for that wonderful work and then moved on to ANOTHER lost cause Allana Potash.(AAA.v) That junk turned out slightly better, but rank and file still got a hooping.

Whats Ricky up to these days? A string of job hoping and now he's apparently a salaried dorkus at Resolute Forest Products. Don't give up yer day job Ricky. Pfffft.

Richard A. Kelertas
So everybody has a favourite so called "ANALyst", and we have loved to hate Mr. Richard Kelertas for his vast verbal stupidity during the Tre-X scamola. Its one thing to be a paid conflicted paid apologist for a wicked large scam and quite another to dismiss the allegations completely as "complete krap".

So it's Allana Potash - AAA.t where our guy lands eh? Pffft. Of course we humans are far from perfect but DAMN. This kind of wicked large dopey brain cramp is almost too much to stomach.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v - Utter and Pure Krappus

Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v is built upon a market-tested model and applied with a fresh approach by leading experts in the cannabis industry.
Naturally we wouldn't be wasting our semi-valuable time perusing the 'Inca Kola' blog of Mark Turner if he didn't spit out dirt worth reading every now and then. Case in point is the horrid, horrid chit known as Cannabis Wheaton - CBW.v. What is our boyotard pointing out with clarity? How about the fact this new VSE listing detritus has an absolute krapload of dilution in the form of nickle free trading paper already from these fukheads.
1) On March 14th, CBW (Knightswood Financial Corp) closed a financing by selling 18,272,773 units at 5.5c each, raising gross proceeds of $1,005,003. One unit was one share plus a full warrant priced at 7c. That placement comes out of escrow tomorrow, July 10th.

2) Then on March 21st CBW closed a second tranche of the same placement run, sell 7,237,883 units at the same terms. This second tranche comes out of escrow on July 17th.

3) But then the twist came, as on March 24th these two-faced rip-off merchants ran a three-for-one forward split of company shares, which means every share and warrant they sold magically becomes three. Therefore in the next seven days, starting tomorrow Monday, 76,531,968 shares and 76,531,968 warrants (7c strike, now 2.33c) of CBW.v become free trading in a stock that’s been artificially held up and even after selling pressure last week closed at 87c. In other words, it’s payola time for the people at the centre of this scam.

Take a bow Marky. Reign in that stupidity on the deals you recommend and we can admit you ARE actually good for something every now and then.
As far as this wicked example of crooked arseholes ripping off dead stupid sheeple goes I don't claim to even understand WTF these dopes' business model actually is in the first place.

When that happens a body best take an instant hike. Truly, this newly minted VSE disgrace is a non-starter for anybody with any grey material whatever.

Friday, July 7, 2017

THO.t - Tahoe Resources - Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail's guest columnist Peter Ashton stepped right into it recommending THO.t on June 23rd. He figured it was worth getting mucho excited about at $ 11.48.

That was a pure dopey call because the road to the Tahoe flagship had been blocked by protesters, a fact revealed 3 days before his brilliant call. The Co had also lost a court decision and now faces a major lawsuit in British Columbia for the abuse of protesters in Guatemala.
Two strikes after curveballs and smart money wouldn't go anywhere near this potential trainwreck. Fast forward to the announcement the Co's mining license was pulled and today the paper closed at $ 6.62.

Can we take anything away from this? Listening to so-called 'experts' doesn't mean they have any clue WTF they are spewing about.
Tahoe Resources Inc. - THO.t operates the Escobal project, a high-grade silver discovery located about 70 km southeast of Guatemala City, the La Arena and Shahuindo gold mines in Peru and the Timmins West and Bell Creek gold mines in Canada.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Simon's Cat

Mark Turner - Inca Kola Blog

We have followed Mr. Mark Turner's 'Inca Kola' Blog on and off for eons. Through this several conclusions can easily be drawn.

First off is Mr. Turner's immense ego and full-on inability to admit when he's seriously wrong. That is happening right now with a score of what are turning out to be dead shitty deals. Having a stupid large ego is a given for most bloggers. The difference with Mr. Turner is that he's personally stuck and that means his hyperbole increases to near pathetic levels to his readers. It's grossly offensive.
Specifically I refer to the nuclear waste/pure shit Red Eagle Mining (R.v) and the wholesale stakeholder larceny of Cordoba Minerals Corp. (CDB.v) The variety of wise sayings associated with penny stocks has extreme relevance here, for instance ... 'Never try to catch a falling knife'

Apparently Mr. Turner has never heard that one. One hopes very mightily his readers/suckers give a bit more credence to the stinkingly obvious than he does as he loses all his risk capital. Shame Mr. Turner, shame.

Taseko (TKO.t)

Taseko (TKO.t) and Florence Copper

The genesis of the 'in situ' Florence Copper Project was a 'stand-alone' piece of crap called Curis Resources, majority owned by Taseko. After borrowing (and blowing) something over $ 60m from the likes of Red Kite and getting absolutely nowhere, Curis was bought out by parent Taseko, who thereafter made good to Red Kite.

That deal was a massive large protrubance up dopey bummy hole to existing TKO stakeholders. That very minor issue didn't bother these boyos. And what else are these types up to? Well suing everybody they possibly can from environmental groups to the Feds (taxpayers) for one. Anybody spending 23 seconds examining the HDI group's history would likely run, not walk away from these horrid K9s. (Yup HDI boyotards are behind Northern Dynasty too, pffft)
Teseko - TKO.t ($ 1.59) has been trying for 6 years to obtain an aquifer permit for an in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) operation. Used mainly for uranium extraction, the company has long touted ... "where a mixture of 99.5 percent water and 0.5 percent sulfuric acid dissolves copper into the bedrock. Then the copper solution is pumped to the surface and processed into copper cathode sheets. The pH of the water and sulfuric acid solution is similar to that of “common household vinegar.”

This is only half correct. The company plans on recycling the raffinate, meaning the solution grows in concentration with each and every pass through the rock. When eventually processed it will be much more than "household vinegar".
From 1996 to 1998, the BHP Copper company developed the project on what is now part of Florence Copper’s site. They conducted a 90-day pilot test to see if the in-situ method worked on the site. Stacy Gramazio, Florence Copper’s manager of communications and public affairs, says that that test was successful.

And that is a dead deliberate lie. Even after being rinsed for over 22 months after a 90 day test more than 20 years ago, those holes still are still reporting unacceptable 'exceedances'. And the reason? Almost certainly because the copper ore is very highly radiometric ... so radiometric that they are the highest levels found anywhere in Arizona.
Bottom line? It was scientifically proven that the ISCR process WOULD leach highly radioactive contamination into the groundwater. (In fact every ISCR ever constructed has corrupted ground water) Has that stopped Taseko and their mindless paid minions?

There is NOTHING comparable to the extremely high concentrations of radiochemicals at the Florence Copper project. (Table 18 page 49)
 Sample quartz monzonite Leach Test

Gross Alpha
Gross Beta
Less 2

The take it to the bank, black and white conclusion of the experts at the EPA and ADEQ? " data indicate that the PLS produced from the Magma Florence in-situ projects contain very high levels of radionuclides and that they are leachable."