Thursday, May 31, 2012

Louis Dion

It took a fair while to track down our boy's photo, and thats somewhat surprising for a Venture promoter of long and truly horrid track record.

Here's what Louie looks like when he ISN'T telling the tallest tales possible to the FBI to avoid a wicked long jail sentence in America.

ANY former doggy partners of Mr. Dion are surely getting nervous ... and for very good reason.
Baines: From jail, promoter pleads guilty to securities fraud.

"Vancouver stock promoter Louis Dion, who has been languishing in a Brooklyn jail since he was arrested on Dec. 1, has pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud. He will be sentenced Tuesday.

The sequence of events that trans-formed the 61-year-old promoter from Howe Street stock hustler to U.S. stock felon makes an interesting case study."

How stock promoter Louis Dion's bingo promotion went bust

As noted in my column last Saturday, I have found a lot of evidence that Vancouver stock promoter Louis Dion is a key figure behind Vancouver's newest gambling website,

"In Thursday's column, I reported that two earlier gambling-related companies in which he was directly or indirectly involved - Dion Entertainment Corp. and Double Eagle Entertainment Inc. -crashed and burned in grand style."

Hoping for a prosperous 2011, principal Louis Dion and managing director Ania Morton will launch their gaming and entertainment site this week.

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UPDATE - May 31, 2012 - Dion still in jail

"Dion Update: Vancouver stock promoter Louis Dion was arrested in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Dec. 1 after he was caught in an FBI sting operation. He pleaded guilty to one count of stock fraud and was tentatively scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday, but it didn't happen. The court is still waiting for a pre-sentence report. No new date has been set. Meanwhile, he remains in custody."

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Facebook our Doodles

421.2 million shares offered to the public will raise $17.7 billion, bringing the Facebook valuation to $116.6 billion.

Would this monkey bet the rent money on Facebook at these levels? Not in this freakin lifetime. This entire business model is about data mining and selling advertising. Sooner or later a new and improved flavour of the month will emerge and THATS where the cutting edge will be.
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2. Bodemeister

3. Creative Cause