Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good riddance October

The world continued to wobble through another October and almost daily news of one or more grossly indebted nations threatening to go taters up with unbridled and unrestrained gusto ... destabilizing the entire globe's financial markets in the process.

One has REALLY got to wonder what will happen on that seemingly inevitable day when one of these deadbeats actually fails to dance to the correct IMF tune ... or for that matter when that ultimate debtor, the US, is forced to pay principle on that massively growing debt instead of borrowing more.
Leading the bad news bear parade lately is Greece, who had the unbelievable and unmitigated cajones to announce a general referendum on their bailout.

That stroke of abject political stupidity has been mercifully axed but the very major problems remain.

Some recognizable names off this list have been in the news lately and it absolutely appears there are more than enough storm clouds on the horizon to insure a continued string of bad news.

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And yes indeed the news of this planet now supporting a whopping and rapidly growing 7 billion souls has been met with some concern in some circles ... most notably from developing nations whose citizens best not be expecting two cars in the driveway and a white picket fence.

It has taken 11 years for the latest incremental billion. There will be 135 million people born and only 57 million people will die, thus giving our planet another 78 million people to support this year.

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